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Webmaster, Markham Robinson

I am a graduate of Vacaville Union High School in 1960. The school is now known as Vacaville High School. When I went there it was the only High School in town.

When I graduated in June of 1960, there were 144 graduates. I graduated 8th in the class. I was active in the French Club, the Science Club and the Chess Club. My nickname was "Brain."

I was also the youngest in the class, born in September of 1943. All the graduates are "War Babies" and not Boomers.

You can read a longer bio on me with pictures of myself and my wife on our main site. I now reside in Vacaville. We moved here in 1998 into my parents' house which I inherited.

My mother was a teacher for 30 years. She taught in Texas, the Phillipines and here in Vacaville until she retired.

My father came to Vacaville while General Travis was alive. He was the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the General. When we returned in 1955 after my father got out of the Air Force, he was a teacher at Vaca High, owned as welcome service called Welcome Wheels and a hobby shop called Robby Hobby. He wrote a newspaper column for the Vacaville Reporter on selected newcomers that his welcome service had visited. Later he sold real estate including the Coach and Four real estate firm.

Mary, my wife, and I have owned a business called MasterPlan Financial Software since 1989. Before then except for two years of active duty as a field artillery lieutenant in the US Army, I worked in the computer industry. Since 1989 I have worked in the financial industry as owner of a software firm.

How this Site Came to Be

When I became involved with the 45th Class of 1960 Reunion Committee, I began a search for a web site facility that was pitched towards Reunion events and Alumni Associations, whether for the whole school or for a single class.

I found a facility called Classreport.com which seemed to fit the bill. It is a very capable facility in a number of ways. It has, however, no provision for storing more than a few standard images other than classmate photos. We can embed references though to pictures stored elsewhere. The free version of the site at hand, although it allows the most important yearbook photos to be stored on it, does not allow external references to images stored on it. So I store other photos we need for the main site hidden away in a corner of my commercial site www.masterplanner.com.

This site is more free form, but not as specialized towards our primary uses as is Classreport.com. While this Yearbook High site has a modest 12 Megabytes of storage, it can't accomodate enough data for text and pictures unless we go to a paid option.

Be sure and visit our Class of 1960 Main Web Site at http://www.classreport.com/usa/ca/vacaville/vhs/1960/!


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Markham Robinson