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Links to My Web Sites and Vaca High Sites

I am responsible for five web sites: a business web site for my financial planning software company, a personal web site for my political interests, this web site, the Vacaville High School Class of 1960 site, the Vacaville High School site for which I've volunteered to be Site Coordinator for all the class years.

It's really too bad that they tore down the old Vacaville Union High School. Marble and granite buildings aren't built anymore. They have such a higher quality, it makes you wonder about "educational progress" in all dimensions, architectural as well as academic, cultural, and moral.

MasterPlan Financial Planning Software

MasterPlan is a comprehensive financial planning software package that is used by professional financial advisors to create all or part of a personal financial plan for individuals.

Systematic Christian Political Theory

The first version of this site ostensibly dealt with the recent Gubernatorial Recall Election. Of the 135 candidates I got about 70 to complete my poll, one theoretical question in which I was most interested. All except three candidates failed the test in my estimation, and even they didn't do too well.

The question was "What are the legitimate functions of government." After dinner, I had a chance to ask this question of Bill Simon in person, which he answered in the concrete with a list, not motivated by any clear principles. He claimed an interest in what the Apostles Paul and Peter had to say on the matter and took down the verse references.

The site contains an announcement of its intentions, but is so far mostly reportage, poll, and analysis of the Recall and its origins. More to come. Much more!

Vacaville High School Class of provides a framework for all class years for a great number of United States High Schools, maybe soon to be all of them. It has national, state, city, school, and class year levels. This link is for the Class of 1960 for Vacaville High School in Vacaville California.

Vacaville High

I volunteered to be Site Coordinator for Vacaville High School of Vacaville California. We have three web sites of the years from 1950 to 2005 so far. Vanden has 8; Will C. Wood has none; Fairfield High School and Armijo have none. We are the only local High School with a Site Coordinator though.

I conceive my role as primarily a recruiter of class year Class Administrators. I will also provide technical assistantance to Class Administrators. I will disseminate techniques and facilities for assistance finding missing classmates. I hope by all these means to create a vibrant online community for all classes. However, the Class Administrators, Reunion Committees, and Alumni Association bear the primary responsibility for accomplishing these goals. I am a merely a facilitator.

Alumni Association Membership Application and Contact Information

The Alumni Association for Vacaville High School has a tenuous existence on the web courtesy of a private site. For contents it has what the label says. It has no facilities for intraschool or interclass communication or data storage.

Class of 1959's 40th Reunion Announcement

Just an announcement of the 40th Reunion of the Class of 1959 held in 1999. It was posted in a facility called High School Reunions Online on the Reunions World site. Robert Kim Stephenson was listed as the contact. This site has the capacity of being a class roster at least, but only one person is listed.

Class of 1963 Hosted on Patchance's World - Click Vacaville High School Link

There is no separate entrance to this continent in Pat Chance's World. However, if you click on the Vacaville High School, you will find, not something for the entire school as the label suggests, but rather a good deal of information about the Class of 1963 and their 40th Reunion, held in 2003. There are a lot of photos in this hosted site, including past reunions and yearbook material

Class of 1971

The Class of 1971 posted a notice using the High School Reunions Online facility on the Reunions World site. This site has the capacity of being a class roster at least, but only one person is listed.

Class of 1972

This site is a record of the Class of 1972's 30th Reunion held in 2002. It has a number of very large, high resolution photos.

Class of 1993

This is a portal to a membership only Class of 1993 site. Because it is not open to the general public, I have no further information except to say that it is a Yahoo group and has the following links that are inactive until you join:  Messages, Post , Chat , Files , Photos , Links , Database , Polls , Members , Calendar , Promote.

Class of 1995

The Class of 1995 uses the same facility as do the Class of 1960 and the Class of 1996. It has had a lot of visits, but still needs to find most of the class members. It is a good start however.

Class of 1996

The Class of 1996 uses the same facility as do the Class of 1960 and the Class of 1995. Cicely Ochs Rodda, the Class Aministrator is a real live wire and has rounded up a large number of classmates. The site has had a large number of visits. It's doing great and will only get better.

Vacaville High School Student Site

This is the actual School site. You know the one with teachers and students! It does have a page dedicated to alumni--if you can find it! It is difficult to navigate, and the background obscures a lot of the link text. Speaking of not being able to find things, it is not immediately apparent how to contact the webmaster or just who that might be.