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What’s New with This Site?

I have submitted the site for indexingto Google, Excite, yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile, Open Source, etc. If all goes well, they will index it even though it is a subdomain of yearbookhigh.com. Then I will have realized one of my primary goals in having a supplementary site, that of allowing anyone looking for any one of us to find all of us 1960 Bulldogs!

The Next Class of 1960 Event

The next event is the 45th Reunion, which is a three day bash kicking off with a Golf Tournament, then a Dinner/Dance next evening, then a Picnic the following afternoon.

It is all of course, just a runup to the really big one, The 50th Reunion! If we get this one right, with a good database, a good web site and a lot of communication facilitated by it and the 45th Reunion itself, we will be in good shape for the survivors to gather in another 5 years.

Come visit our Main Web Page at http://www.classreport.com/usa/ca/vacaville/vhs/1960/.